About the city

Utrecht is situated in the heart of the most competitive region of Europe. A vibrant city of knowledge with young, brainy residents and a thriving creative sector. The city has a wide variety of appealing locations for business gatherings, too.

You will find plenty of inspiration in Utrecht: the many students, innovative entrepreneurs and pioneering initiatives create an energy that is positively palpable. Consequently, Utrecht is ideally suited to hosting scholarly and scientific conferences: the city has a considerable network of knowledge-intensive companies and institutions, with Utrecht Science Park as the main link. This is where researchers and entrepreneurs combine their strengths to give the regional economy a significant boost.

Utrecht University is the best research university in the Netherlands, and the UMC Utrecht is one of the largest public medical care facilities in the country. Furthermore, Utrecht is home to over 80 companies and research institutions operating in sectors including life sciences & health, sustainable economy, gaming, business services and ICT.

The flourishing economy, well-educated residents, rich cultural scene and wide array of historic and modern venues make Utrecht the ideal city for business gatherings, and the perfect location for national and international academic conferences and knowledge events.