Financing - What can UCB do for you?

The Utrecht Convention Bureau can support you in making and funding bid books and presentations that may be required. In 2016, the Economic Board Utrecht established the Stimuleringsfonds Kennisevenementen ('Knowledge Events Incentive Fund') to further invest in the acquisition of multi-day national and international scientific conferences that reflect the priority topics Green, Healthy and Smart.

Utrecht wants to use the fund to strengthen its position as the most competitive region of Europe. Knowledge events are ideal for showcasing the existing knowledge, opening up networks and promoting Utrecht among relevant target audiences. It is a joint initiative involving various parties from the Amersfoort-Utrecht region. Together with their partners, the municipalities of Amersfoort and Utrecht offer a package that is used to effectively facilitate new knowledge partners.

Interested in finding out whether your conference is eligible? Please contact us: we will gladly conduct an assessment.