Partner network

A strong knowledge and leisure economy is extremely beneficial for Utrecht. It not only provides a lot of jobs but also contributes to economic growth and a rich cultural scene. Residents, visitors and businesses benefit from growth in visitor numbers. The Utrecht Convention Bureau is committed to bringing parties together and developing sales & marketing activities in order to promote Utrecht the city and region as an attractive destination for business and leisure visitors.

Utrecht Convention Bureau has developed partner packages for companies, institutions and other organizations operating in the knowledge and leisure economy. This allows us to continue to put the city on the map, nationally and internationally. In addition to helping market Utrecht in your capacity as partner, every affiliated organization can take advantage of attractive promotional activities. Three types of partnerships are available, which are classified according to intensity of cooperation: Basic, Plus of Strategic*. The choice determines the degree to which communication channels are made available for promoting activities.

In addition to intensity of cooperation, partners choose between three branches: cultural, leisure or business. The system is designed to ensure the selection of the appropriate communication channels for reaching the intended audience as effectively as possible.

Strategic partners

The UCB's strategic partners include the Jaarbeurs, the municipality of Utrecht, the Economic Board Utrecht and the province of Utrecht. You will find links to the websites of our main partners below.

Business partners

The Utrecht Convention Bureau works with a variety of partners that includes hotels, restaurants and conference and meeting facilities. Our emphasis is on establishing connections between the city and region of Utrecht, Amersfoort and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. You will find UCB's affiliated partners listed below by category.

Knowledge institutions

Utrecht is the youngest, fastest-growing and smartest large city in the Netherlands. Utrecht Science Park has access to a tremendous wellspring of knowledge with institutions including Utrecht University, the University Medical Center Utrecht and the University of Applied Sciences. Would you like to know more? Visit the websites of the knowledge institutions listed below.

Conference ambassadors

In attracting international conferences, the Utrecht Convention Ambassadors play a crucial role. It is mainly thanks to their dedication, effort and mediation that many associations choose Utrecht as their conference destination. More details about the UCB Ambassador Program will be posted on this page shortly.


The UCB regards memberships as extremely valuable. Acquiring useful information, gaining new insights and opening up networks allows us to provide our partners with expert advice and put them in touch with relevant parties. We are members of the organizations listed below.