Netherlands, Utrecht (city). Oude Gracht

Life sciences and health

Utrecht’s identity is linked closely to its ‘healthy urban life’ mission. The achievement of this mission is promoted by the presence of companies, knowledge institutions and educational institutions that want everyone to benefit from a healthy living environment. This makes life sciences & health one of the central themes in the Utrecht region,

Knowledge & expertise

Utrecht has the knowledge and expertise to meet demand for innovative solutions in this field. Entrepreneurs, academics and researchers work closely with Utrecht University, medical centres and hospitals to enable city dwellers to enjoy healthy urban life. With 10 knowledge institutions and 128 research and development companies, Utrecht has more life sciences & health companies than any other city in the Netherlands.

Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht Science Park is the central location where ideas come together and are implemented. Approximately 51,000 students and professionals find their way here and contribute to the development of innovative solutions and knowledge. This makes Utrecht the ultimate place to share knowledge about life sciences & health.


Not only does Utrecht strives to organise conferences that centre on life sciencse & health, other renowned conferences have already fount their way to Utrecht as well.

  • May 2018: ICIC – International Conference on Integrated Care
  • March 2019: SVEPM – Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
  • May 2019: NWO life science congres
  • August 2022: EfCCNa – European federation of Critical Care Nursing association

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