Dom Tower as Business Venue

The symbol of Utrecht the Dom Tower, which is more that 600 years old and 112 meters high.  The tower  serves as an unique location for your business events.

 The Dom Tower offers two beautiful, historic rooms that can be used for this purpose: the ‘Van Heukelomzaal’ and the historic St. Michael’s Chapel. By using these rooms and the entrance building combined, the capacity of the Tower can be up to 150 people.

Van Heukelomzaal
On the first floor of the monumental entrance building you will find the Van Heukelom Zaal. This room, which is executed in a style which is typical for the beginning of the twentieth century, was designed and furnished by architect George Willem van Heukelom.
The room is equipped with a beamer and screen, Wi-Fi, DVD-player and a flip over. The costs per person include an unlimited supply of coffee and teas, water, peppermints and cookies. We will also supply you with your requested amount of Dom Tower pens. If desired, there  is the opportunity to climb the Tower during a regular guided tour to conclude serve as a welcomed break or to conclude your meeting .

You will find an outlay of the room and its capacities here (in Dutch).

Eleven meters above ground level lays  the impressive St. Michael’s Chapel, which ones served as a private chapel of the Bishop of Utrecht. This historical environment will serve as a perfect location for your reception, dinner or other event.
An arrangement in the St. Michael’s Chapel gives you the opportunity to combine an historic location with the commodities of modern times. The room offers special options such as a beamer and screen, Wi-Fi and a sound installation, including a microphone. The chapel and entrance building both have central heating.

Please note: The St. Michael’s Chapel is located at 11 meters: the climb will consist of 59 stair steps. There is no elevator on site.

You will find an outlay of the chapel and its capacities here (in Dutch).

Information and reservations

We would be more than pleased to inform you about the extra supplements we can offer you besides the standard arrangements. For more information, you can reach us by calling on workdays between 9.00 and 17.00 (nr. +31 30 236 00 22) or via email:



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