Woudschoten unveils new look

Zeist, 20 September. Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre in Zeist has a fresh new look. Its brand-new website and corporate identity, unveiled today, will continue to be rolled out in the period ahead.

A step back
What is Woudschoten's story? How can it convey that story so every guest and employee experiences Woudschoten hospitality at its best? To map out a new course, Woudschoten started by taking a step back in time to reflect on the last few years. Every modification Woudschoten has made in that time was designed to enhance the guest experience, whether their purpose is business or leisure. For instance, the recent restoration of the Chapel, the new high-speed WiFi network connection, the construction of a new entryway and the installation of almost 50 solar panels.

Value is ‘In our Nature’
With its new course and the slogan ‘In our Nature’, Woudschoten is emphasising its natural surroundings and their value for its employees and guests. Woudschoten has long been a destination for people seeking personal development and shared knowledge, and precisely that makes this countryside estate the natural source of inspiration for ‘In our Nature’. At the same time, ‘In our Nature’ also conveys the essence of genuine hospitality. It's not only what they do, it's who they are – and that makes all the difference. This is the story that defines Woudschoten.

More and more, people's first impression of Woudschoten – like most venues – is shaped by the website. Having remained unchanged for some years, Woudschoten's website was due for an upgrade. ‘Serving our guests is a key priority at Woudschoten and precisely that aspect of the website had room for improvement’, explains Marketing & Communication Manager Susanne Konneman-Wijchman. ‘We worked out a new design with the website builder and are very proud of the new site, which has just gone live.’ The new website is more interactive and designed around the customer journey. It features 360° photos of all the rooms, clearer information about options for different target groups, and an extensive section spotlighting guests and employees in blogs, vlogs and video clips.

What is Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre?
Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre is centrally located in Zeist, with 30 halls and meeting rooms and 140 hotel rooms situated on a 45-hectare private wooded estate. Amid these lush surroundings, the hotel offers both a tranquil home away from home and a complete package with diverse facilities, all transparently priced. That means you're free to focus on the purpose of your stay and let Woudschoten take care of the rest. The location is ideal for one or multi-day gatherings, including meetings, conferences and training sessions, and is a picturesque destination for a weekend getaway. Further information: www.woudschoten.nl/