International book launch of 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success

For companies that want to stay ahead: international book launch of 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success on October 6th

Recent research by the Sustainability University Foundation among some 100 sustainability professionals shows that 62% of the companies that have already integrated sustainability in their organisation, either fully or to a large extent, have continued or even accelerated (22%) their sustainable transition during the current coronavirus crisis. These companies are preparing for a green and social recovery of the economy in which they want to stay ahead of competition. Companies that have not yet started or ones that have just started seem to be having more difficulty in becoming more sustainable. Some 83% of the sustainability professionals working in these companies indicate that the crisis is making their work more difficult. A new book by Carola Wijdoogen, entitled 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success, offers concrete tools to accelerate sustainable transitions in companies and organisations. The international book launch will take place on 6 October with an international live webinar at Utrecht Science Park, one of the ten leading Science & Innovation Parks in the Netherlands.

‘Translating a sustainable strategy into concrete action and innovation is a challenge for many companies, including ones that have already integrated sustainability to a large extent. So the clear division in acceleration between these two type of companies during the current COVID-19 crisis surprised me. It could be that companies that have been more mature with regard to sustainability, may have realised that sustainability offers opportunities to stay in the lead,’ says Carola Wijdoogen, former director of Sustainability at Dutch railway company NS (2010-2019), who currently heads the Sustainability University Foundation.

Wijdoogen has written an unique book based on scientific research and the experiences of sustainability professionals around the world, including her own. The book is filled with concrete tools to accelerate sustainable transitions in companies and organisations. It includes insights from 25 renowned sustainability professionals from across the world, including Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economy), Todd Cort (Yale SOM) and international sustainability managers from SIFCA group, Levi Strauss & Co., Interface Europe, KPN, Unilever Benelux, Microsoft, Philips International BV, DSM, Ingka Group and Google.

There is a clear business case for sustainable strategies. For example, companies that understand and improve their impact are better able to manage operational, regulatory and reputational risks, develop new products and tap into other markets. Internationally agreed frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement provide a global agenda and enable companies to transform systems that benefit both people and the planet.

For businesses, the current COVID-19 era could become a crucial phase in choosing to establish or refine their sustainable strategy in order to lead the way. Achieving the intended success, however, requires strategies to be translated into concrete action and innovation. The webinar on October 6th – celebrating the book launch – will address the question of what is needed to make this happen in practice.

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International book lanch 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success
On 6 October, the new book 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success of Carola Wijdoogen, cofounder and director of Sustainability University Foundation and former CSO of NS, will be launched internationally. 7 Roles is a practical guide for sustainability and CSR professionals. The book is a new science-based approach to accelerate sustainable action in business and a practical guide to be(come) a successful (sustainability) professional. On an organizational and personal level, it shows how to effectively translate sustainable strategies into innovation and impact. And how to improve (sustainability) skills and increase value for business and post-pandemic society. Which roles and practices do you adopt to effectively guide businesses towards a sustainable future? And what skills and competencies do you need to establish sustainable transformation? In 7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success, Carola Wijdoogen shares the insights of 25 professionals around the world.  

Webinar October 6th from 4.00 pm 5.30 (CEST) pm
To celebrate the book launch, a livestream webinar will be hosted by the partners of Utrecht Science Park. The webinar - like the book 7 Roles - will focus on the specific skills that (future) professionals and organizations need to accelerate sustainable development. The program on October 6th with contributions of prof. dr. Annetje Ottow (Vice President of Utrecht University's Executive Board), prof. dr. Maarten Hajer (Professor of Urban Futures, Utrecht University) and Roger van Boxtel (Chief Executive Officer Dutch Railways - NS) is nowadays - restarting during/after COVID-19 - more relevant than ever.
During the webinar on October 6th from 4.00 pm 5.30 (CEST) pm you will be able to listen to and see a unique expert view from different perspectives: academic, science and business followed by a panel discussion. Also, there will be an opportunity for you to join the debate.

You can register for the webinar by following this link.