GFIA Europe



Utrecht, Netherlands, 5 May 2017 - The first European edition of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA Europe) opens at Jaarbeurs Expo Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands, next week from the 9-10 May 2017. GFIA is the world's largest showcase of sustainable agriculture innovations, providing a global forum for discussing policy, strategy and solutions for a food secure future.

The world’s most influential people in industry, science and government will arrive in Utrecht to discuss the future of food production and water scarcity, and global efforts to provide safe, nutritious food for an expanding population, some of the biggest challenges facing the world today.

GFIA Europe will kick off with the Agtech Leaders Summit with keynote speeches from HE Martijn van Dam, Minister of Agriculture of the Netherlands and Professor Louise O Fresco, President of the Executive Board, Wageningen University and Research to open the forum.

GFIA Europe will host delegations from across the world including: Kenya organised by the Netherlands-Africa Business Council; UAE organised by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority; Brazil led by Bradutch - Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands; Hungary led by Hungarian Product Housing, Commercial, Service and Innovation Cluster; Scotland organised by Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs’; and from Sudan organised by Sudanese Business Federation.

The exhibition at GFIA Europe will feature more than 150 next generation agricultural solutions that could shape the future of sustainable farming around the world. Exhibitors from the Netherlands and across the world including Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, UK and a large contingent from the USA will showcase their innovations during the two-day event.

Speaking in advance of the event Professor Fresco said: “Focusing on healthy food, sustainable production and living environment Wageningen University & Research is delighted that GFIA’s first European edition will be held in the Netherlands. WUR will take an active part in the fora, which aim to support government, industry and science as hundreds of experts convene in Utrecht to explore new ways to ensure sufficient, competitive, safe and sustainable food production. The challenge will be to evolve the food chain from a linear to a circular pattern so that waste and emissions become a new resource.”

Next generation agricultural solutions being exhibited at GFIA Europe will include:

  • WUGGL One - which allows users to accurately calculate the weight of a pig from simply taking a photograph on a mobile measuring device
  • Ocean Harvest Technology - who have tested and created formulations of Microalgae which can replace growth promotors and several antibiotics in the pig industry.
  • Imants BV - who have developed an innovative system for the sustainable rehabilitation of degraded soils by mechanical desalination in combination with organic soil improvement substances.
  • Winterlight Greenhouse - a new greenhouse concept from Bom Group that, in combination with a new type of screen, screen fabric and special glass, yields more than 10% light during the winter period of cultivation.
  • Ecorobotix - who have created the first ever completely autonomous robotic machine for the ecological and economical weeding of row crops, meadows and intercropping cultures.
  • GreenCube from Logiqs B.V. - which using just two machines provides a fully automatic verticalfarming system.
  • SoilCares Scanner - which provides instant, on the spot, affordable soil data and hands-on lime and fertiliser recommendations. Event highlights at GFIA Europe will include:
  • Key partner sessions will be organized by: LTO Nederland on the circular economy of manure valorisation; Bayer AG on Innovation and sustainability in agriculture; and Invest in Holland on Dutch innovations in the dairy sector and exploring the Dutch approach to innovations with impact.
  • Proagrica is hosting a Future Farming Theatre that will present a 'how-to' guide for the implementation of smart farming across pig, dairy, poultry, arable and horticulture farming.
  • GFIA Europe will conclude with Technical Tours on the 11th May. Open to all, the tour will take GFIA participants to see the best sustainable farming operations and businesses, R&D facilities in the Netherlands including: Bayer Forward Farm showcasing sustainable and digital farming in action; Restaurant of the Future at Wageningen University & Research to explore what drives tomorrow food consumer; Rotterdam Innovation District the largest port in Europe and huge innovation hub; and the Dairy Campus a unique innovation complex for the dairy sector

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