Back to Live: Dutch coronaproof test events

At the end of 2020, the Dutch government gave permission to organise a number of test events to see how we can get the event industry ‘Back to Live’. A series of test events have been held over the past two months to see whether venues can reopen safely before the end of the pandemic. The eight ‘corona-proof’ events, licensed by the government, included concerts, theatre performances, football matches and two music festivals. The first test event took place on February 15th in the Beatrix Theatre of te Jaarbeurs Utrecht. The event, organised by EventPlatform and Fieldlab Evenementen, event included 500 attendees.

“The Fieldlab events are an important step in working towards safe and responsible coronaproof events with an increased number of visitors,” says Riemer Rijpkema, spokesperson for EventPlatform. “The need for live contact, but also the need for perspective is very high. We are very glad that we, as the corporate event sector, had the opportunity to host the first test event. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the field research and we are eager to see what this means for the recovery of the event sector.”

Road to Live Canvas
Portraying your own perspective on the future of the event industry was a part of the programme during the Back to Live events. How will the industry transition from online, to hybrid, and back to live? Participants went home with their Road to Live Canvas, a personalised plan for the future which they could start with the very next day.  Inspiration for their personalised Road to Live Canvases came from fellow-participants, but also from the line-up of speakers and interviews with guests. The line-up was opened by state-secretary of economics and environment, Mona Keijzer. With a contribution from comedian Dolf Jansen, professor in infection prevention Andreas Voss, a member of the OMT, and the metropolitan orchestra it was a diverse, surprising and inspiring programme. After the event a conversation took place between His Majesty King Willem Alexander, a couple of participants and the organisers of the event.

Field Research
Fieldlab Evenementen conducted the field research during the events. Their research consisted of a mandatory PCR test for all participants, measuring the body temperature, and for a few of the participants a rapid test. Forehand all participants got fitted with a motion sensor so that afterwards it would be clear how much contact between participants there had been. All within their own bubble with separate entrances and separate toilet clusters. With the test results they are working towards safe and responsible events with an increased visitor capacity, like before.

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