How to make events accessible for everyone

For people with limited mobility, visiting festivals, parties and conferences can present a real challenge. However, with a few simple steps, organisers can ensure everyone feels welcome. It's just a matter of knowing what to watch for. Accessibility is valued in the Netherlands, and ever more venues and events are bearing that out. Marianne Dijkshoorn has authored a book (in Dutch, titled Maak je event toegankelijk voor iedereen) setting out some basic measures you can take to make your event accessible for persons with limited mobility. Below, we share some of her tips.

Accessibility is not expensive

Accessibility need not be expensive. Here are some tips for making events and venues more accessible without breaking the bank.

  • List accessible facilities on your website. Include pictures of the facilities, such as adapted toilets.
  • Provide contact info for the person to whom any accessibility queries can be directed.
  • Agree within the organisation who will respond if someone pulls the alarm cord in a disabled toilet.
  • At buffets, place cutlery at the end so people can have one hand free to place items on their plates.

Accessibility quality mark

In the Netherlands, venues that are accessible for persons with limited mobility can apply for a special quality mark (Keurmerk Toegankelijkheid Gehandicapten). This quality mark is widely recognised by people with disabilities and will quickly ramp up your bookings, as good access is still not the norm everywhere.