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Digital & IT

Utrecht is home to companies and knowledge and educational institutions that have chosen to focus on IT and digital. These include ICT partners, medical organisations and start-ups that use technology to explore innovative solutions and educational institutions that do research aided by smart IT solutions.

HU Utrecht Science Park

Research, technology and education

Research, technology and education come together in Utrecht. The Expertise Centre for Creative Technology (Expertisecentrum Creatieve Technologie), an initiative of the Utrecht School of the Arts (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht), does research on technological developments and how to use them in arts education. Technology can improve art and make it more appealing.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University covers a whole range of different aspects of IT and digitalisation. The subjects on which it does research include algorithms, applied data science, game research and artificial intelligence. It works on a whole host of smart IT and digital solutions with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in mind.

Meer weten?

Met onze sterke focus op de digitaal en IT branche kunnen wij als geen ander adviseren bij het organiseren van zo’n congres.


Not only does Utrecht strives to organise conferences that centre on digital and IT, other renowned conferences have already fount their way to Utrecht as well.

  • April 2019: de IADIS Information System conferentie
  • April 2019: the e-Society 2019 conference
  • July 2019: Digital Humanities Conference

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